CallTrackingMetrics Shortens Sales Cycle by 50% with Gartner Digital Markets

Scaling company growth was fundamental for CallTrackingMetrics, a call tracking software company. Having one product that falls into a range of different software categories and serves a variety of software buyers meant that the company required a lead generation platform that took targeting and segmenting to the next level. While its paid channels were working well for the business, the company wanted to be more strategic by targeting the right buyers using the right channels in order to scale growth. CallTrackingMetrics’ goal was to utilize a lead generation platform that was cost-effective, generated a high volume of high-quality leads, and provided a lot of control over spend. 

In 2019, CallTrackingMetrics launched a PPC lead generation campaign on Capterra and GetApp — both are Gartner Digital Markets’ software review sites — and immediately started to collect high-quality leads and rank at the top of multiple categories on the site. “We were looking for ways to amplify what our marketing mix already was, find the gaps, and level up both our volume and quality of leads quickly,” said Chris Todd, Senior Manager of Demand Generation at CallTrackingMetrics, “We wanted to scale our company’s growth without drowning our sales team in unqualified leads.”

CallTrackingMetrics started with low spend in the beginning to test PPC performance on the platform. Within six months, the company got approval to scale up due to the number of high-quality leads it saw with Gartner Digital Markets. Utilizing Gartner Digital Markets has helped the company get in front of a wide range of buyers across categories. Todd said, “We have one product that crosses the range of all of these different categories. On our website, we try to tell one cohesive story ... across different categories, and we can get very specific.”

With Gartner Digital Markets, CallTrackingMetrics was not only able to collect more high-quality leads; each lead had 31% higher customer lifetime value, and the company closed deals faster and achieved a 50% faster sales cycle. Additionally, CallTrackingMetrics was able to generate product reviews with Gartner Digital Markets’ Review Collection Service. “The more reviews we get, the better we perform on the bidding side. And the more we use the reviews that we have [in marketing collateral and website], the more credibility we have in our product listings with Gartner Digital Markets and in our space as a whole,” said Lisa Salvatore, Senior Manager of Paid Media. CallTrackingMetrics knows that its buyers are also looking at competitors on Gartner Digital Markets’ sites so building a strong reputation on the platform was critical in showcasing differentiators and its product’s best features.  

Gartner Digital Markets ultimately serves as a strategic lead generation and reviews platform for CallTrackingMetrics’ business, which helps the company reach its ambitious sales goals. “We know that paid search worked really well for our business and [Gartner Digital Markets] seemed like a pretty obvious extension of that. We knew that users coming to Gartner Digital Markets’ sites were already in the market for what they were searching for, so it seemed like a perfect fit. And we liked that we were given a lot of control over the spend and where we wanted to rank,” said Salvatore.

When looking to future growth opportunities with Gartner Digital Markets, CallTrackingMetrics is looking forward to expanding internationally using the Digital Marketing Services. While the company is based in North America, CallTrackingMetrics has customers all over the globe, and one of its business goals is to reach more international buyers. The company plans to expand international growth by partnering with Gartner Digital Markets to run country-specific PPC campaigns that drive traffic to translated landing pages for higher conversion rates.


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With the support of Gartner Digital Markets, CallTrackingMetrics was able to:

  • Experience 50% shorter sales cycle with Gartner Digital Markets leads vs. organic sales cycle
  • Acquire leads with an average customer lifetime value 31% higher than average
  • Reach a wide range of software buyers across different categories by customizing product descriptions and landing pages
  • Collect customer reviews and leverage Best Badges to build credibility

We were looking for lower funnel lead gen opportunities that were cost-effective and aligned with our software business. Gartner Digital Markets offered a lot of categories that lined up well with our product, so it was a no brainer to go with their lead generation platform.

Lisa Salvatore

Senior Manager, Paid Media, CallTrackingMetrics

Get more high-quality leads with Gartner Digital Markets

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