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Top Priorities for R&D Leaders in 2023

Each year, Gartner surveys R&D leaders on the main challenges they anticipate in the new year, and the results reveal the initiatives that your peers will be prioritizing. Learn the top challenges, mission critical priorities and trends your peers expect to face in 2023.

Prioritizing Opportunities for Transformational Innovation

The accelerated pace of technological and market changes sets high expectations and demand for innovation, but transformational innovation tends to fall short of expectations. Explore the three themes that differentiate the top 20% of R&D organizations to combat institutionalized incrementalism and conservatism to achieve their transformational goals.

Design Compelling Careers in R&D

96% of surveyed R&D leaders say attracting and retaining technical R&D talent is a top challenge to solve for the overall performance of their department. Learn how to attract, engage and retain top R&D talent in an environment transformed by disruption.

Gartner delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams.

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