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Expert-Validated Labor Market Analytics for Talent Insights

Global labor market analytics power smarter, faster talent decisions. TalentNeuron’s big data insights and tailored guidance provide what's needed to plan for your future workforce, source critical skills and build a hybrid work strategy with confidence.

Disruption-Proof Your Talent Strategy with Market Data

Use labor market data to plan for 4 key workforce scenarios, and access recommended actions based on your organization’s talent need and performance outlook. 

TalentNeuron’s labor market data guides your biggest workforce priorities

Insight to drive stronger performance

Inform your talent sourcing and workforce planning strategies with global labor market data for five critical functions.

What sets TalentNeuron apart?

Verified data covering countries that produce over 90% of the global GDP

We don’t just rely on self-reported or easily acquired data; we collect data daily from thousands of diversified sources. Long-standing relationships with government authorities allow us to access statistical data that isn’t publicly available.

20+ years refining a proprietary algorithm for accurate data comparisons

Our AI is unmatched in standardizing global data for consistent comparisons across locations, occupations, skills, organizations, titles and even 21 languages.

130+ data scientists and labor market economists who act as an extension of your team

Our experts provide strategic guidance and lead custom research projects, all informed by Gartner’s 40-year history of C-suite research and advisory services.

Personalized analytics to assess your organization’s overall talent strategy and stay ahead of competitors

View your own job-posting history to evaluate where you have invested over time and gain dynamic competitive insights. You’ll be the first to know about a new competitor, or a change in other organizations’ hiring behaviors.

Client Voices

See how TalentNeuron helps HR leaders make data-based decisions

How can we find and attract candidates with niche skills in a competitive market?

BlueHalo’s SVP of Talent Acquisition shares how TalentNeuron helps the defense contractor find niche skills and enrich its pricing strategy, delivering value across the organization.

Where is there a high supply of available talent with the skills we need?

The AVP of Talent Acquisition at Infosys has used TalentNeuron to identify six new locations for global innovation hubs, giving the IT company a competitive edge through data.

How can we keep pace with other technology companies?

Mastercard’s Director of Workforce Analytics & Innovation uses TalentNeuron’s competitor intelligence to identify skills of the future and build roles that are aligned with candidate expectations.

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Labor market data delivered in formats best suited to your needs

Executive Reports

Personalized, executive-ready reports on red-hot topics like workforce diversity, strategic sourcing and digital skills. The consumable, shareable nature of these reports makes them a key resource for driving discussions at the senior-most level of your organization.

Online Platform

HR teams can conduct modeling and analysis on TalentNeuron’s self-service platform, which allows you to segment data by location, skill, competition and more. This enables HR leaders to strategically partner with business unit leaders to examine role-specific data and model different talent scenarios that influence strategic decisions.

Custom Research

Get expert analysis on key talent issues where data isn’t readily available. Custom research projects allow you to evaluate uncommon roles and geographic regions, and our experts will deliver findings with actionable recommendations.

Advisory Services

Discuss your most complex talent questions in one-on-one advisory sessions and attend invite-only events that help you leverage TalentNeuron data in strategic decisions across the business.

Talent planning, accelerate geographic growth with reduced risk

Build a data-backed talent strategy

See how HR leaders and their teams use TalentNeuron’s labor market analytics to make smarter, faster workforce decisions.

“Before TalentNeuron, we didn’t have a seat at the table. By leveraging the data, we’ve become a stronger value-added partner to the business. We’re strong as a company because we’re making the right decisions.”

VP of Talent Acquisition, U.S. Enterprise Software Company

Power your talent strategy with global labor market intelligence

Get in touch today to see how Gartner TalentNeuron’s multisourced data and expert advisors can help you tackle your top talent priorities.