Digital Transformation Boosts Global Market Expansion

Hexing, founded in 1992, is a provider of smart products and power usage/distribution solutions for global customers in the power sector.

Hexing is a multinational company in pursuit of “focus, innovation and customer orientation.” Today more than 90 countries across the world to utilizing Hexing products and solutions for a better tomorrow. 

Mission-critical priority

Driven by the increasingly global economy, Hexing is on a journey of “going global.” With this journey comes the need to:

1.   Accelerate digital transformation, be more competent in creating inner value, improve management, consolidate core competitiveness and expand share in foreign markets

2.   Promote R&D and updates of  products harnessing digital technology to boost product development and competitiveness

3.   Raise brand awareness, be among the top players in the  global market through excellent products, and build its reputation as a national brand

How Gartner helped

Using Gartner advice and research, including the Hype Cycle, Hexing built a SaaS visualization platform.

To develop a program of continuous technology innovation, technical seminars are regularly held between Hexing and Gartner to discuss the most cutting-edge key technologies around the world, and share best practices in the industry.

Through the use of Gartner research, analyst and expert engagement, and peer exchange Hexing is able to adapt product development and solutions more quickly than before.

Business impact

Working with Gartner, Hexing has been able to:

  • Increase brand exposure, as well as its share in the international market
  • Construct an IoT platform for public utilities, a SaaS visualization platform and holistic M2C solutions.
  • Promote the application of well-known information technology platforms across the company to improve its capabilities in marketing, R&D and management
  • Rationalize the IT personnel structure and improve staff capabilities to accelerate digital transformation


$500 million

Over 3,000

Senior Vice President

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for IT Leaders

The insights into global technology trends and industry best practices shared by Gartner analysts are important guidelines for technology selection, as well as the development of fulfillment of corporate goals.

Guo Jianbo

Senior Vice President , Hexing Electrical Co., Ltd.

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